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Track and manage your attendees onsite

Streamline your onsite check-in process by using the web-based attendee management interface. When you to check attendees into the event or into individual sessions, check-in data is timestamped and stored securely online. Check-in data can be accessed and downloaded on demand.

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Attendee Management

Use the onsite tools to modify registration details on the fly. Make changes event or conference passes, process refunds, resend registration invoices, and reset passwords.

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Flexible Check-in

The attendee management interface is web-based so you can check-in attendees from any computer or tablet with an internet connection.

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Check-in data is available through the attendee management interface and can be downloaded on demand. Keep track of which attendees arrive at your event and when.

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Session Check-in

See which attendees are checking into sessions to gauge session popularity and gather valuable insights into your attendees behavior.

Leverage the power of push notifications.

Push it real good!

Send targeted messages or message blasts to attendees who have downloaded the mobile event app. With push notifications you have the power to instantly send personalized, contextual, timely, and relevant alerts directly to your attendees’ mobile devices.

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Collect feedback before, during, and after your event.

Quickly set up event and session surveys to collect feedback and data from your attendees. With the drag-and-drop survey builder you can create clean, modern, mobile-friendly surveys. Securely access your data and download reports on demand. Share survey results with team members or restrict access with team permissions.

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Event Surveys

Event surveys are for general event feedback and can be accessed and answered by all attendees. Collect and monitor results in the Attendease admin and download the latest event survey results on-demand.

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Session Surveys

Collect session specific results with session surveys. Session surveys allow event organizers to poll attendee interests, solicit feedback, or aggregate data. Session surveys are perfect for session level analysis.

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Survey Builder

The drag-and-drop survey builder allows you to create clean, modern surveys that are mobile-friendly and feature cross event reporting. Surveys can have unlimited input fields, in any order. Add custom field labels, placeholder values and help text. Indicate required fields, and the type of input expected.

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Mobile Surveys

Easily publish surveys to the Attendease mobile event app. Use mobile surveys to gather data pre-event, poll attendees in real-time during the event, or collect feedback post-event.